Meeting: Young People Facing their Challenges

On April 14, the collaborating workstation COWO Sinergiame Puerto Montt, brought the entrepreneurship to the Blue Salon from the Regional Administration Los Lagos Region, where for the first time was carried out the Meeting of young people facing their Challenges, in whose present edition, the goal was to show the context on which the Regional Industries can be diversified. In this time, we counted with the presence of seven experts, who taught how to create a successful company and since our own strengths.

The sub-director of the Regional Management from Corfo Los Lagos, Claudia Huber, initiated the Meeting, appealing young people to deal with the territory, giving at the same time a global vision upon the problems, opportunities and challenges from the development point of view, taking into consideration the available funding instruments as well, such as the Regional Entrepreneurship Support Program (RESP), which one co-finance the 75% of initiatives who wants to create new business in the region.

On the other side, Valentina Álvarez Nieto, Regional Councilor and President of the Innovating and Competitiveness Commission from the Regional Administration, encouraged the young attendants about using their energy to participate from the available opportunities, since the entrepreneurship point of view, but also encouraged to assume well-defined roles and getting involve in the Regional conversations.

The Director of COWO Sinergiame, Gabriel Labra, briefly presented the Coworking Project COWO to the attendants, announcing from that rostrum, the transition of the pioneering environment of collaborating work from Los Lagos Region into a platform that is focused into promoting social projects.

Puerto Montt, April 14 2016. “The challenge of diversifying the Local industry” this is the catchword of the meeting, an activity that together with the City Hall of Puerto Montt, CORFO, Civil Engineering School from the Universidad Austral de Chile and the Regional Administration supporting, could achieved experiences and knowledges of great importance from a young audience which is able to work together, collaborate and start a entrepreneurship with the local community, and this way enhance it development.

During the event, we had excellent presentations of fifteen minutes each one, and in this opportunity the subjects discussed were carried out in the following order: Mauricio Figueroa from the FIC unity acting on behalf of the regional Administration, exposed and explained what is the Regional Innovation Strategy (ERI), and also disclosed the launching of a new FIC fund for initiatives who address the regional problems, Marco Rozas, Manager of the Laboratory Pathovet from Puerto Montt, exposed his radical point of view, which has been mastered in less of five years, a niche in the health and hygiene of the Salmon Farming Industry in the south of Chile, Diego González Carvallo, founder member of, left the audience with the solution for a difficult question in our times, this solution refers about the truly healthy diet, consent and sustainable, urging to the very same and rethink about the new paradigm, which means to being more critic about food waste that occurs in the industrial standardization.

The forest industry was addressed through two camps, one of them provided from the regulatory framework points of view of CONAF by Marlene Mella, Section chief from Forest Management, who exposed the context on which the forest industry develops its activities, at a regional and national level as well, leading to the entrepreneurship opportunities and challenges, from the actual incentives for a series of activities proposed by the entity. Besides, Marcos García, Industrial Designer and academician of the School of Architecture of los Lagos University, spoke greatly about how from the wood we can create a real value, through the fair, thought and reliable usage of the noble input. Thanks to years of disciplined study about the mechanical and aesthetics properties of wood, Marcos García have developed not just a well-designed and high level pieces, but also by development processes that give new properties to design products from the forest industry point of view.

We also counted with the presence of Hernán Mladinic, Executive Director Project and Parque Pumalín, who led us to see a reality in which tourism is the future of our economy, which one is told since the maximum “Tourism is the new copper in our country”, for which to start an entrepreneurship from the tourism, left a series of big potential opportunities, for every one of people interested in setting a human relationship with the surrounding environment, but also with the Root of the National Parks, distributed along the Carretera Austral from Rural Patagonia.

For setting a counterpoint, applicable to the industrial diversification, we count with Francia Mazzo, Architect of the University of Chile and executive Coordinator of NESIS, who presented to the audience who came to the event, in the first instance, how involving the environment inside of a project what solves a social problem could be a valid, viable and a sustainable option on time. This choice is known as Social Innovation, concept which raise for solving through collaboration, but also inserted in our territory through a wide look, which materializes by a web platform: follow by a monetary fund available from CORFO, who will be open for being postulate in our Lagos Region, for other initiatives.

The detail of the activity it can be seen through the website and we look forward to continue with the same enthusiastic answer by the people involved in this first successful meeting, in our next activities.

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