PRAE Financing Meetup

On March 28, the collaborative workstation COWO Puerto Montt, the City Hall of Puerto Montt, the Sinergiame Association and the Regional Management of Corfo Los Lagos, carried out a Meetup about “Financing instruments” focused in the Programa Regional de Emprendimiento (PRAE) at the offices of the Regional Administration of the Development Corporation.

This meeting was attended by more than twenty small and medium-sized entrepreneurs from different fields, young entrepreneurs looking for assistance on their business models, as well as experienced business people looking for information about the instrument.

In the meeting, the attendants had heard from first source, all the important aspects for making a successful applying to the funding instruments that offers the state corporation, in order to respond many doubts, centering on the program focus as well as in the business incubators and the role that assume the administration of a PRAE.

The rapporteurs of the meeting which began at 4 PM in the afternoon were: The Businesswoman of the Regional of Corfo, Paula Heinsohn, who made a clear exhibition about the PRAE instrument, followed by the Director of COWO Puerto Montt Gabriel Labra, who was able to deliver insights about what means to postulate, adjudicate, and administrate a CORFO Fund, taking the theory into practice for the attendants.

After this meetup, the COWO environment continue with the compromise of boosting the entrepreneurship of Los Lagos Region, with its next event “Youth meeting facing their challenges” which one will be carried out at the Blue salon from Intendencia Regional, the next Thursday, April 14 from three in the afternoon.

The coordinator of ecosystem of COWO Puerto Montt, Fabian Perez, declared that through these activities we are connecting the new entrepreneurs with the opportunities offered by the region, in the field of the development and success of the initiatives, the allocation of funds and the permanence through time of these initiatives.

We will be waiting you at the next meeting, it is an open activity, but limited capacity, subscribe yourself in the link who says Subscribe.

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