Crisis of the Chilean Salmon

On July 8, the staff of the collaborative workstation COWO Puerto Montt, attended the seminar “Crisis in the south of Chile, an analysis of the main people involved”, the main reason for being here was for sponsoring an activity of great importance for the region, which it was carried out at Universidad Austral Assembly Hall Facilities, Puerto Montt. This seminar was made with the intention to join up the main people involved in the crisis of the aquaculture industry. Some of these people are for example: Felipe Sandoval, President of the Chilean Salmon Organization; Juan Garcia, President of AG Demersales and to the Sindicato de Pescadores Artesanales de Caleta Anahuac too; Eduardo Aguilera, Regional Manager of Sernapesca; Miriam Seguel, Red Tide Expert and Director of the CERAM, organism who belongs to the Universidad Austral de Chile; José Luis Iriarte, Director of the graduated school of UACH, oceanographic, biologist and researcher of the Fondap-Ideal program, working together with several professionals belonging to different areas.


Los Lagos Region characterized for being the gateway to Patagonia, owner of an exuberant nature and delimited geography by mountain ranges and islands, and the large number of channels, fiords, lakes and rivers blessed by wealth and abundance on marine resources. Nowadays, it is immersed in a situation in which its water resources have been affected by environmental crisis like the pollution and the red tide, problems that as a society and country, we must be able to solve and give the required solutions for the conservation and probity of these source of water resources, which actually are vital for human being.

The main focus of this event was to create a space for investigating, and visualize the main causes of the crisis that affects the region in the present day with the purpose to identify possible challenges, to set up knowledges and propose some improvements for the sustainable exploitation of our sea and marine resources, applied for the economic, social and environmental level. It was for that reason that the entrepreneurial community of COWO Puerto Montt gave all its support to the initiative, for demonstrating the compromise that we as entrepreneurs have about transforming a problem or challenge into one opportunity of improvement, in which the solutions can be translated into a good long-term and sustainable impact for the region.

The organization of the event was carried out thanks to the managements of the Civil and Industrial Engineering school, the support of COWO Puerto Montt and the management and production of Innouit (business formed by three collegiate entrepreneurs: Alejandro Velasquez, Nicolas Toledo and Raúl Retamal, who nowadays are developing events, programs and activities of public interest, focusing on the environmental, social and/or economic development of Chile).

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