Social Innovation Brainstorming

Forming initiatives event to solve social problems by using innovation.

Brainstorming: Social innovation at COWO PM

On June 22 and at the COWO facilities the BRAINSTORMING OF SOCIAL INNOVATION was held, this activity was part of the program coming from NESIS FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF CHILE, and it was about the prototype for social innovation (project supported by the Regional Government and Corfo Los Lagos).


The “Social Innovation Program” was developed at Los Lagos Region and financed by Corfo and by the Innovation fund resources for Regional Competitiveness FIC-R Los Lagos. According to records of the same organization, it was determined that were more than one hundred ideas that postulated to the Social Innovation Platform, where people could upload their ideas and received feedback by NESIS.

The initiatives were centered through challenges, in two priority axes in our region: Education and Human Capital, and Environment and Natural Resources. During this process, more than one hundred ideas were uploaded to the platform, which you can check it out at

Paola Posligua, people in charge of Social Innovation from the Innovation Management (Innova Chile) was responsible of leading the activity, where one of the more relevant conclusions was that Successful Social Innovations remain on time, have a scalable as well as promote and strengthen the participation of the own community where are inserted. This program will provide support to the more important institutions and organizations of the community, for identifying in a clearer way the different social needs of the environment, to produce a favorable change on the social system.

In a first instance and after the project has been awarded, the validation prototype will be made, and during three months of move the feasibility of a prototype development stage for problems addressed be determined.


For COWO ecosystem, which is an integral part of the Sinergiame Association and Coworkers workstation/net, it was determined that social innovation is one of the key axes in the daily work with the community, so Fabian Perez from the team of COWO, established “the opportunity to actively participate in the NESIS project-GORE Los Lagos as a sign that we were doing the thing well and this way strengthen the collaborative work that is being done with the Puerto Montt City Hall universities, entrepreneurs and foundations that currently use our workspace”.

The activity gathered around 40 enthusiastic applicants, a before and an after were stablished, in which the same projects become polished to be in sync with the most essential needs, anyone be a real initiative of social innovation that impact on the territory.

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