Social innovation workshop by Javier Russo

On Friday, June 10: We received the visit of Javier Russo Puigrredón, facilitator, consultant/Design thinker and Lean Startup Evangelist.

Social Entrepreneur, professor of entrepreneurship at UST, UDP, U Central, Mentor in the Mentor´s network from Garage UAI. Passionate for the creativity and innovation, and from this methodological point of view to accompany people at organizations and communities, with the purpose of generating some value to the company, country and society.

Javier is part of the Latin American Alfa Association Facilitators, member of the training commission, and he has worked as Consultant and facilitator for Neest, Walmart, Falabella, Espacio Urbano, Technoserve, CORFO, Tuv Rheiland, Anasac, Tec CDA, Pelambres and Sodexo.

The AM Workshop

We began the activity early in the morning, attendees-mostly teachers and students- were participants in a workshop of entrepreneurship, in which they faced and acquired through immersion, valuable methodological tools of innovation from Javier.

They obtained in that way, knowledge that can be applicable to any organization and entrepreneurship on ongoing process, concretely improving productivity, order and the quality of its products as well as its services, through Social Technologies.

Assuming that in this meeting, the idea was to promote the participation and the leadership, every form for transmitting the knowledge must begin with vitalizing activities, for boosting the attendees and persuading them to get into the knowledge places in an openly and relaxed way, considering that unlike kids, the adults are not naturally willing on getting involved into new learnings before passing through dynamic activities, which one will be able to put them on the same wavelength.

With the presence of the representatives from AIEP, Universidad de los Lagos, USS and UACH, the facilitator made emphasis on key concepts, which ones starts from the self-knowledge, in which its necessary to pose the expectations and dreams that presents each of them, to continue with the co-creation, collaboration, the agile development, the new social innovation paradigm and the role of B Corporations.

Finally, and after of an instant of meditation, Javier, who is twice winner of the Hackathon Lean Startup Machine, taught the correct use of a validation board about innovation models, called Javelin Board of validation, which urges us about looking for answers at the outside, going out of the building! Not for getting interested in the idea, but for the problem, detecting the clients in a faster way/ key user and get into the market as soon as possible with a minimal and viable product.

“Not a single business plan survives to the first contact with the client” it is a maxim that Javier left us, quoting Steve Blank.

The afternoon Meetup (Mateada of Social innovation)

During the afternoon session, we inaugurated the concept of Mateada, made with the purpose of talking about entrepreneurship and Social Innovation.

In this particular Meetup, people were sitting in circle, which led to an ideal environment for interchange knowledges, invite new people to our entrepreneur laboratory, and of course with a Mate in our hands, give solutions about the necessities of our business environment, the ongoing projects, trends and new forms for doing some activities; adopting in this case the triple impact which social innovation suggested to us, in which the more important beyond the profits it’s the impact on communities, either this be environmental, economic or social.

The afternoon group was different from the morning group, but shared the same energy and willing to carry out projects and compromises, made from the collaboration and synergy.

The Yerba Mate Piporé was the responsible to contribute the Mateada, along with homemade products brought by the same attendees.

Javier accompanied us during the morning session as well as in the afternoon session, and from his role of facilitator he guided the conversations, the knowledge and the reflections, and for that reason we are very grateful for his presence and compromise with our community.

See you at the next Meetup Territorial Development, on July 14 at 6 pm, to enjoy another mate who help us to see new ways to innovate, also considering the local historical context.

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