In august, 2013 the first Coworking of Puerto Montt was inaugurated, which one was born in the hearts of the founders of the Sinergiame Young encourages Entrepreneurship Association Sinergiame.

The project was carried out thanks to the funds application of the youth national institute, to the most illustrious town hall of Puerto Montt support, and to the Universidad Austral of Chile, from Puerto Montt.

The area that is currently provided for the development of the activities at COWO, was granted through a cooperation agreement between the Home town of Puerto Montt and Sinergiame. In the building where the Coworking area its located, works the microenterprise support center facilities, which gives an added value to all entrepreneurs that participate in both institutions.

Thanks to the funds “A mover Chile” belonging to the youth national institute, the area gave by the home town in 2013 could be authorized. This authorization takes into account remodeling the furniture, painting, and basic tools for a Coworking office.
Universidad Austral of Chile have been committed in the participation of the students from the outset of the project, mainly from Civil and Industrial Engineering program, and with the furniture contribution for the area.

Sinergiame has proposed itself being the Coworking with the bigger community of the region, being from entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs and have a context in accordance with the who presented us the southern region of our country.