The Microenterprise Supporting Center make a talk about Business positioning on Internet.

The collaborative space of entrepreneurs Cowo Puerto Montt, project supported by Corfo and the Hometown of Puerto Montt, made an activity that seeks to support local viewing in the business world through the use of Internet positioning tools.

As Cowo Puerto Montt gave a talk “How to attract more clients to you with SEO and GOOGLE ANALYTYCS”, which one was attended by 15 local entrepreneurs who were interested in positioning their business in an effective way on Internet. In this opportunity, the invited speaker was Victor Archeornis PhD of IT Science, who is a global entrepreneur from the Startup Chile of Corfo.

This activity was carried out at the Microenterprise Supporting Center from the Hometown of Puerto Montt, located at O’Higgins # 236, this is part of a series of activities to strengthen local enterprises and encourage them to generate solutions to global problems and local industries.

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