August MEETUP: Marketing for Entrepreneurs

What moves your product / service to the customer

Goes in a way (maybe) too much repeated, that the person who screws up courage for giving the very first steps to start an entrepreneurship, adopt some ideas about what he or she need in the first instance for make this project happens.

While, the steps to carry out an entrepreneurship follow some logic, in the beginnings and within the normal dispersion that characterizes the founder, there is considered much more things than the truly “essentials” and/or necessaries.

With the intention to help entrepreneurs to have a better clarity about the process of develop an entrepreneurship, it was armed a workshop focused on marketing, from the perspective of a founder that is radically changing the baby food market, with Amara that is the unique baby food that fixes the original nutrients and vitamins through a drying technique.

Jessica Sturzenegger is the Cofounder of Patafood, Alumni of Startup Chile Program, Graduated in Economy International Relations from Bucknell University.

The workshop was carried out in one of the open areas from the Cowo Coworking Space at Puerto Montt, with twenty expectantly entrepreneurs.

While the topic is clearly focused on marketing, Jessica could delve into issues affecting transversely to any founder who is or wants to start an entrepreneurship, taking into account the Agile Manifesto.

Given that the marketing defined by Jessica is understood as “all activities that move your product/service to your costumer, the content is composed by MES (Marketing Engagement Sequence), which indicates the phases that mark the relationship of the product with the client: interest, attention, desire, action.

In order to destroy myths about marketing, some common mistakes that are seen at the moment to miss on sale were mentioned like not achieve meaningful link with the customer, fail on dimensioning who finally decides on buying, don’t speak their language, as well as the time to think that we must come with a perfect product to the customer without validating for what solutions they are willing to pay in the first instance.

Having defined all previous knowledge about the product in the field, needs and what you want to communicate, we can move to a later stage that needs all this information to be effective, which is brand design architecture.

Thank you very much for coming, see you on the next Meetup, which will be held in September at Cowo PM.

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