Common good seminar

Towards an economy with Human Face for Los Lagos.

When a latent problem exist, is when the collaboration becomes a value, but what happen when it’s an idea that does not run? That is clear, the initiative does not survive and enter directly into to lack of good ideas that were never done.

Luckily, in this case were several ideas and not just one, the people who proposed to assemble an event in a way of “seminar” for giving the first step in Los Lagos region and make public a more human economy point of view, in which prevails the well- being, collaboration, fair commerce, and above all, the common good.

The foundation of overcoming poverty, Prodemu, CNCA Los Lagos, Sernam, Ayahue Audiovisual Association and the teacher Paulina Guerra gave shape to this first SEMINAR, towards an economy with Human Face for Los Lagos Region.

The aim of the event was about looking for a co-building of Los Lagos Region into a human, sustainable, kind and collaborative scale.

Organizations have been passed one by one, after the master class of the national reference in economy of Common Good, Mr. Gerardo Wijnant, Director of Proqualitas and the commerce platform, in charge about giving the conceptual theoretical framework on which we can co-built this new sense of economy, which one goes on direct benefit for the producers and inhabitants from the territories that we live and all belong.

We ended up with great challenges for the future, but in community we can really move forward!

We believe in social economy of Los Lagos, initiative on which we, as COWO PM, are proud of being an integral part.

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