DEMO DAY, Olimpiadas Semilla Corfo 2016 Los Lagos at COWO


On Thursday July 7, the first “demoday” of the Olimpiadas Semilla Corfo 2016 was realized, which congregated almost 1.000 selected entrepreneurs in all the regions, who were present before a jury to aspire $25 million in support for their business. This version of the Semilla Corfo will award at least one winner per region.

In every region, teams of entrepreneurs attended with projects prequalified, which were evaluated by expert judges, who evaluated the applicants and the respective projects through this activity, which took place at Los Lagos Region, in our collaborative workstation, par excellence COWO PM.

The entrepreneur had to be prepared to compete with their pitch, simply counting with 3 minutes to explain their Semilla Project for the jury as well as the audience, and for this reason the entrepreneurs defended with solid arguments, their business ideas before a judge who represented institutions pro-entrepreneurship placed on Los Lagos Region. This panel of judges were constituted by: Gloria Risco, member of the National Directory from ASECH; Wladimir Santana, Chief of Compite at Los Lagos Region; Antonia Cavagnaro, Manager of CUMPLO Sur, and Macarena Carrió, person in charge of Selection & Development at Endeavor Patagonia.

The event hosted more than fifteen people from which at least one become our Regional Champion, representative of entrepreneurship on the early stage from Los Lagos Region!

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