Entrepreneurship Workshop by Nicolas Shea

Tuesday, May 24. Nicolas Shea visited COWO Puerto Montt for explaining to the entrepreneur community of Puerto Montt and the surroundings, about what means start a Entrepreneurship in the different fields, the characteristics what someone needs to start-up a project in Chile and the troubles that an entrepreneur could face, who is a person that left a community and economic stability for being in a constant uncertainty and carry out projects for his own fulfilment, to obtain independence and the most important thing, projects that could allow him to create self-value and for the environment as well in the case of focusing up to the social entrepreneurship.

Even when in his career, Nicolas Shea have big achievements like Startup Chile, Eclass and Cumplo, they make him the most recognized entrepreneur of the country. Nowadays, he is concern in how the entrepreneur community solve the problematics and to look for the roots of it.

The today´s context

This is a rapidly developing world and each day appears new and more complex problematic things, as the solutions as well, the entrepreneurs are the people in charge of make that connection, even when at the very beginning this solution could be far away and the process could be long and exhausting, they have the ability of being enthusiastic and obsessed for reaching their goals.

Nicolas says that due to this way of acting, many times the entrepreneurs go in a faster way, and similar to a driver on the road, and even though when the risks could be clear for the careful people, they are invisible for who start an entrepreneurship.

Besides, he makes us to understand that in an early stage, the entrepreneurs don’t think on the risks that implies to overcome difficulties, on the contrary, those people are convinced in solve their problems, they are prepared to commit themselves and do something extra with the purpose to reach into the concrete solutions.

“It´s important to understand that acting from the strengths and with the heart, make people decide better”

The importance of being focused

To be connected with the problems, increase the opportunity for having a better end, therefore the focus it’s very important, and being executing more than a project at the same time it’s a disadvantage, because we cannot resolve these problems in a properly way, through a master idea completely executed.

Finally, Nicolas invite us to do a good introspecting exercise and question ourselves from the industries or niches in what we have a bigger opportunity to generate a successful result and avoid to spread resources, especially in the early stages when we are lacking in money and the chance that a project, an idea or an intention could work is equal to 0.1%.

See you in our next entrepreneur workshop, which one will be made on June, 10 by Javier Russo.

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