Launching event of COWO 2016

On the past 22 of April, after three months of working and in front of the community, the collaborative workstation COWO Sinergiame Puerto Montt celebrated its lunching, by renewing its facilities by the period of 2016.

The event was carry out at the Pioneering Coworking facilities of Los Lagos Region, which it’s located at the second floor of the Microenterprise Supporting Center from the City Hall of Puerto Montt (Bernardo O’Higgins 236).

We had the presence of the authorities belonging to the entrepreneurship Ecosystem from Los Lagos Region and from the City Hall of Puerto Montt.

With the presence of about thirty attendants, the regional manager of Corfo los Lagos, Mr. Adolfo Vial, initiated the launching. He mentioned the importance of the Coworking Spaces at Los Lagos Region, its different focus of users, and the important task regarding to the articulation of people in charge who contribute to the ecosystem.

After that the regional Manager finished talking, it was the turn of Mr. Marcelo Hidalgo, vice-rector of the Local Economic Development, who came on behalf of the City Hall of Puerto Montt. This person, spoke about the importance of this Coworking Spaces, about the unique characteristics in the country, given that this Coworking Space was made by the collaboration between the Asociación Juvenil para el Fomento del Emprendimiento Sinergiame and by the City Hall.

Finally, the Director of COWO Sinergiame, Gabriel Labra could transmit the real sense of this Coworking Space, and argued that this is a great opportunity for the collaborative working, which contributes in a concrete way, to generate an entrepreneur culture in Los Lagos Region.

After those words, all the attendants could see closely the renewed space, give their opinions, and talk with the team and coworker that make use of COWO Puerto Montt.

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