Prototype day at COWO

The Prototype Day with Civil Industrial Engineering Program.

On August 11 and having the goal to approach the university community, the Coworking Space carried out an evaluation day of prototypes of students belonging to the Civil Industrial Engineering degree from the Universidad Austral de Chile, located in Puerto Montt. Within the evaluating committee were the teachers from the subject Entrepreneurship Workshop: Gabriela Manoli, Marcos Gonzalez and Ivan Nail with the Director of COWO Gabriel Labra.

Innovation is a fundamental part of all what we do in COWO, that is why activities like “The Prototype Day” helps to foment the environment that exist inside COWO. Motivated young people into generating new solutions for our society needs and strengthen by the experience of the people of COWO and also by their university can point to the creation of new business.

As part of the continuity of this program, on September 5 begins the course “Entrepreneurship Workshop” given in this educational center, in where COWO will be present with the creation of Meetups and events in where these young entrepreneurs can present their ideas and business models.

Through this alliance, it is expected to have a contact with the university world, attract young people for participating inside the space and take part in our great community of entrepreneurship.

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