Table 2 Provincial Articulation at COWO

Wednesday, July 13.

One of the objectives pursue for Los Lagos Region, and that for until now is has been a problem, is the necessity of articulation, counting with more effectives communication systems and to join efforts to come in a strengthened way the problems that historically affects the communities.

Due to this is framed in the prototyping programs of social innovation, developed by CORFO together with GORE Los Lagos, and executed by NESIS from the University of Chile. These instances have been generated in which are invited in an openly way people that count with an emotional capital to integrate to the solutions.

After of the first discussion held at the headquarter of Guillermo Gallardo from Ulagos Puerto Montt, it’s that a new instance has been generated, in which are invited and summoned from several organizations, companies, civil world and the public to reach out to being part and generate a real collaboration.

The activity took place in the open areas of the collaborative workstation COWO PM, provided by NESIS and having as main guest the rapporteur Miguel Castro Prado, PhD of education from University of Seville, expert in methodologies that encourage the formation of teams through the understanding of leadership as factor that affects in the people articulation at around these tables.

The agreements that has been carried out is the connection of 3 areas, which one are: training of entrepreneurs, inclusion and environment.

COWO in company with Compite and Cumplo take part of the formation table about entrepreneurship from which the subsequent meetings are established, in order to polish the ways in which the solution may be reached to communities that requires support in areas where entrepreneurship is an agent for community development.

The next table has been carry out at Cowork Latam, from which it will be generate one last table (the fourth), who will be summoned by the members of the same table.

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