Territorial Development Meetup

Speakers: Felipe Aguilar, Director of Colegio Sagrada Familia Rio Negro, Candidate to Master degree on Human Sciences with a major in history.
Creating value from the historical context

On July 16 and as a part of the activities that make us see our environment in a broader way, there are topics that even when they are broader is good to take it and make it public, with the intention to inhabit the territory and to know the facts that has given shape our current culture, and how it behaves and understand for itself.

Territorial development is a topic that together with the key knowledge in the entrepreneurial training come to concede a new component to which not just we left with a look to the present, but we can glimpse the future through the study of our history, taking into consideration key points of policy measures that affects directly into the economy and the identity formation of territory.

Taking into consideration this point of view, Felipe Aguilar, Director of CSF from Rio Negro and candidate to master degree in Human Sciences with major in History, raise his thesis on the adverse effects since the territorial scope that triggered the presence and then abrupt absence of sugar industry at Llanquihue, through the state company IANSA and how this center generates social ramifications which through unbalance and/or crisis give rise the suffering of peripheries, given that its generated ecosystems on the development of certain industries based on monoproduction.

We are grateful with the contribution of the historian who gave useful insights the way in which we follow the cyclical curves in our behavior, that makes us even that today we could be affected by our depressions, like the fish death caused in the fishing industry and the subsequent Red Tide that decimated the occupation in the region at the beginning of this year. (See The Chilean Salmon Crisis article).

At COWO we are committed and convinced that in the diversification, born the entrepreneurship and for this reason we foment it in our collaborative workspaces, there are much to experiment, business venture and impact to the community.

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